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VD203 DC motor controller

  • Two DC Motor Outputs 12-24V, 8A
  • Control Direction, Speed and Torque
  • I2C interface, up to 8 boards on the bus
  • Two optically isolated inputs
  • Can drive an LCD display 2x16
  • Customizable firmware, 16K flash


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    Velox Devices specializes in microprocessor control for industrial and consumer products. We provide  turnkey solutions and OEM  motor controller modules.

    Our cost effective DC motor controller VD203 simplifies the building of motion control systems while providing advanced features such as stall detection and torque control.

    A complex system may include up to 8 modules driving a total of 16 DC motors. In this configuration the modules act as I2C slaves and are controlled by a separate master processor. An example of such a system is the printing plate sorting machine that uses three of our controllers to drive 6 DC motors.

    A simple system might use a single VD203 controller driving two motors and an LCD display with a simple keyboard. One such example is the 7019238827 , which drives a belt motor , a lift arm, and reads two infrared sensors with a single VD203 controller, thus providing an extremely low cost motor control solution.


    Application example

    This printing plate production line was installed in 2002 at 215-929-0349, Switzerland.

    It was the first system worldwide to offer automatic plate sorting based on size recognition.

    The recognition algorithm and the motion control were developed by Velox Devices.   Eleven VD203 controllers driving a total of  21 DC motors have been used in the various transporters and sorting machines.





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